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Summer's End Wine Tour

Tour Date: August 10, 2019
Time: 10 AM - 6 PM

As summer comes to a close and the grapes begin to ripen get ready because Harvest time is around the corner. We start the tour by going by the Shiloh General Store to have the lunch ordered then go straight to Dobbins Creek for a Tasting. Next stop is the newest Swan Creek Vineyard, Midnight Magdalena for another tasting with a final stop at Piccione for a vineyard tour and tasting.

Dobbins Creek, Swann Creek, Midnight Magdalena


Key Policy Reminders

Cancellation - Public Tour tickets may be canceled up to 2 weeks prior to any tour for any reason. Any ticket cancellations within two weeks will result in a raincheck or a gift certificate issued.

Refund - Wine tour tickets and Gift Certificates are not refundable after purchase. No Exceptions.

Damages - You are responsible for your behavior and any damages incurred to property during and after the tour. At a tasting, you will probably be consuming more alcohol than normal. This means you should NOT "pre-party." Should you damage the tour vehicles or property at a winery, you will be held financially responsible. This does include non-traditional cleaning costs (like vomit, etc.)

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