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Bud Break Wine Tour

Tour Date: April 22, 2023
Depart Fairfield Inn (Elkin) - 10:15 AM
Depart Hampton Inn (Jonesville) - 10:30 AM

The baby vines are out and now its up to Mother Nature to do the rest.  Crossing our fingers we don’t get a late frost like years past.   We take a trek up to the Northern part of the valley. 

We visit Round Peak / Skull Camp brewery first which is the most northern winery in the Yadkin Valley. A vineyard tour will be done at Round Peak.  Second stop will be Shelton Vineyards with lunch at their Harvest Grill restaurant.  Next we head over to visit the Coe family and their Stony Knoll Vineyards, one of the oldest wineries in the Yadkin Valley.  Last stop we visit Adagio Vineyards so named after owners wife who makes Violins.

**Note: The cost of tasting fees and lunch are not included in the tour.

Bud Break Wine Tour

Key Policy Reminders

Public/Featured Tours: Tickets may be cancelled for any reason prior to the tour date and will result in a 50% refund.

Damages - You are responsible for your behavior and any damages incurred to property during and after the tour. At a tasting, you will probably be consuming more alcohol than normal. This means you should NOT "pre-party." Should you damage the tour vehicles or property at a winery, you will be held financially responsible. This does include non-traditional cleaning costs (like vomit, etc.)

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